Kate recalled Graham Norton Show

Kate Winslet, 44, has revealed that, upon receiving her CBE, the Queen had her own way of letting her know their chat was over – by pushing her hand away. The Oscar-winning actress met the monarch when she was awarded the honour at Buckingham Palace in 2012.

Winslet recalled the memorable moment on the Graham Norton Show, saying: “She did this most extraordinary thing.”
“First of all, she’s got the most incredible skin and beautiful bouncy hair.” “Of course, there is a system and she is very well rehearsed and very well practised at this. You are told what to do and you step forwards and curtsy or bow or whatever fumble, terrible thing I probably did.”

“And then you put out your hand to shake it and she sort of gives you this suggestive nudge backwards, like ‘you’re done, that’s it. Go back again’.”

“I was like oh okay, I wasn’t expecting that.” Graham Norton asked what Kate had said to the Queen upon receiving her honour. Kate continued: “She said ‘congratulations on all your achievements’. She said ‘you are a mother aren’t you?’”

“And I said yes, and she said ‘well that is the only job.’”