Lending a hand

From learning English to arranging accommodation, Surat-based IntStu helps students navigate the complexities of moving abroad to study.

Any student planning to move abroad has to clear at least one English language proficiency test.

Since English is not the first language for most Indian students, they need a certain degree of guidance and training to clear these tests. They require assistance from institutes such as IntStu, which is known for its quality service and dedication towards providing high quality training and assistance to the students. Situated in the heart of Surat city, the institute has carved a niche for itself in a short time. One of its best features is its dedicated staff, which puts in a great deal of effort to provide the best of the knowledge to the students. Since the staff are all certified by the British Council, learning English is not restricted to mere reading text or listening to audios–it is in fact a whole culture in itself.

There is a big gap in the actual expectations of the students, about how they want to be trained and how exactly most institutes train them. Other institutes follow a generic approach and students do not gain much out of this futile attempt. IntStu is bridging this gap by providing quality education and logical training. The management of the institute has spent great effort in providing practical knowledge, where students do not have to spend extra effort in understanding the concepts. The best part of the programmes provided by IntStu is that it provides the best hand-holding to the students. For most students, who hail from the rural or semi-urban backgrounds, English is an alien concept.

In addition, IntStu has developed into a pre-landing as well as post-landing service provider, assisting students in every step of their journey, right from choosing the right university to navigating the visa process. The institute boasts a 100% success in getting student’s visa.

One of the biggest factors for the success of IntStu is that the institute is backed by the UK-based Ocxee. IntStu works in conjunction with Ocxee to assist students who land in foreign country in finding  accommodation, and also assist in other ways such as foreign currency exchange or money transfer.