Mariah Carey gets emotional

Singer Mariah Carey accidentally confused actress Jennifer Aniston with Reese Witherspoon during an emotional acceptance speech. The 49-year-old made the slip up at the Variety‘s Power Of Women lunch in Los Angeles where she was one of six honourees.

The blunder is being blamed on her having to rely on her memory and notes she had prepared due to a failure in the teleprompters.

Friends actress Jennifer and Reese, who played her sister in several episodes, are also fellow honourees.

During her speech, Mariah also spoke about sexism, racism and motherhood, saying: “I was 18 years old when I got my first record deal. A lot of very powerful men controlled my career — what I wore, who I worked with, and every aspect of my overall image. Believe me, that can be very intimidating and confining to a young girl just getting started, trying to express herself artistically. It took a lot of hard work, inner strength and believing in myself, but slowly I gained the courage to emerge from that stifling control by a group of men.”