Marwar Ceremony with Sunrise

The international acclaimed Marwar Festival will begin in Jodhpur with the Sunrise on 12 October. It will be concluded in the moonlight of Sharad Purnima in the Osia. Deputy Director Bhanupratap said that the ceremony will begin with sun worship. After the sun worship at 6 am on the Jaipol of Mehrangarh Fort, a heritage walk and procession will be out. When the Heritage Walk will starts from Fateh Pol, the guide, Robin Hood Army, Rotary Club, Lal Angi Ger, and other artists will come out of the walking through the Rajasthani streets and walking through the heritage sites of the city. In the procession, with international renowned folk artists will arrive at the Umaid Stadium in the tableau from the major streets of the city. The centre of attraction of the ceremony will be  Miss Marwar and other interesting competitions. Along with this, moustache competition, safa tying, towing kassi, matka race competition will also be held. Apart from this, there will be a band competition. All these competitions will be held at Umaid State Stadium at 8:30 am till 11 am.

From 6:30 pm in Umaid Garden, the cultural evening will be scattered. The internationally renowned artists of the state will overwhelm the native foreign tourists and visitors. The Shakti Tandava dance will be performed by the original Shah group performers in this cultural evening starting from the shehnai playing of Rajendra Parihar. Ghafaruddin Saathi of Bharatpur will perform Bhapang playing. Pastorla-Pali’s Leeladevi will perform Teerthali dance. Vishnudatta Sharma of Bharatpur will present the party Peacock Dance and Holi of flowers.