‘Meera’ brought to life

Krishna devotee ‘Meera’ was brought to life in front of art lovers on the second day of ‘Katha Ballet’ festival organised by Jawahar Kala Kendra on Monday evening. The colourful performance was presented under the choreography and direction of Pandit Harish Gangani of Delhi. The use of hymns, songs and dance techniques of Jaipur Kathak Gharana, poetry and chakra was a special attraction for the audience of Jaipur.

The performance showcased various captivating scenes like – Meera being fascinated by seeing Lord Krishna’s statue, Meera’s marriage, Meera leaving the palace her marriage and going to Krishna’s temple. Other than this, conspiracies to kill Meera, poisoning, meeting Goswami in Vrindavan and becoming one with Krishna’s statue in Dwarka were all showcased during the dance performance. During the program, beautiful and captivating songs and hymns like—‘Mai Main To Sapna Mein Parnaya Dinanath’, ‘Holi Khelat Hai Girdhari’, ‘Kya Kya Kya Nahi Suna Ab Toh Darshan Do”, among others were also presented.