Minister’s bouncer for SMS bouncers

Jaipur: Medical and Health Minister Dr Raghu Sharma has ordered to remove the private bouncers from SMS Hospital. After a incident of scuffle during the night, the orders were given to stop their deployment.

The duty of bouncers had started from Monday only and since then questions were being raised about this decision. Minister Raghu Sharma has also ordered the SMS principal and superintendent to take immediate action in this regard.

As per the information, on the second day of the duty on Tuesday late night an incident of scuffle with relatives of a patient had come to light and this had created a lot of noisy scenes on the gate of SMS Hospital emergency.

The move of deploying the bouncers was taken as many times after a serious patients passes away in emergency or trauma centre, the relatives rough up the doctors, blaming them of negligence.

About 10 people come with the patient for his treatment in the hospital and this makes difficult for the doctor to treat the patient.

Principal of SMS Medical College Dr Sudhir Bhandari said that boucers are deployed for security and alarming system and integrated system will also be installed. The alarm system worth Rs30 lakh will be installed in the hospital in next one and half month and the alarm will be raised in case of any incident.

Meanwhile the accused Islam who is resident of Mathura and Rasiduddin who are said to have roughed up Dr Manish have been arrested by Moti Dungri police.