Nation can now move ahead with development

Both temple and mosque built in Ayodhya will be landmark spots for pilgrims globally.

The big verdict on Ayodhya by the five-bench in Supreme Court will have several impacts on the society… politically and socially. With the verdict of allowing Hindus to build the Ram temple in the disputed land and allotting a prominent plot to Muslims for the mosque, this decision will not only be welcomed by most, it will have a far-reaching impact on the country’s template to weave in more bonhomie and warmth especialy when the winter is round the corner! The fires that will be lit henceforth should be bonfires… the flames that will be ignited should provide cosiness.

Armed with this verdict, the BJP government at the Centre will also enhance its political future for a good measure of time to come in future. It will also be seen as a fulfilment of achieving a huge pre-poll promise which the party has been saying over the years. It is easier said than done, though.

With such a verdict, it’s a win-win situation for the government, more so when the it was an unaniomous decision of the five-bench of the Supreme court. Both the new temple and mosque built in Ayodhya after the verdict will be landmark spots for pilgrims globally. These spots will not be considered as just another places of worship, but will be looked upon as two places of global importance which changed the face of modern India.

With this hurdle gone and done with, now the Central government must concentrate on nation building. The country has a steep asking rate ahead and now all eyes will be on India stepping on gas to reach the next level to be reckoned as a power among the Big Nations.

-Robin Roy, Managing Editor, First India