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Movie Review: Dhaakad is nothing more than a compilation of well-shot montages

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Kangana Ranaut is truly a ‘Dhaakad’ woman and she never fails to show that to the audience with her every performance. Be it Queen, Panga or Manikarnika, the actress has carried films on her back with ease. Her excellent talent as an actor has taken her to a level that very few can reach. Throw any kind of role at her, and she executes it with sheer brilliance. But will every film that she makes run successfully solely on her acting chops? The answer unfortunately is a no. The reason? Dhaakad.

Dhaakad was released in the theatres on May 20 after much anticipation. The movie boasted itself to be India’s first action movie with a female lead and was compared to Hollywood classics such as Tomb Raider and Resident Evil. But unfortunately, the film falls flat on its compliments. Starting with the storyline, Kangana is shown as a deadly and brilliant agent named Agni. She is shown to be ruthless and badass and is ready to throw her hands any time. Altogether, she is shown to be a superwoman. A gangster by the name of Rudraveer (Arjun Rampal) and his girlfriend played by Divya Dutta terrorise people with their several trafficking and drug rings. To put a stop to them is what Agent Agni gets assigned to and how she reaches her goal and whether or not fulfils her task is what the film revolves around.

Kangana Ranaut has acted so well in the film but the screenplay and storyline do not do her justice. The film feels like a wasted talent when it comes to her. She has performed emotions really well, acted out actions commendably and she has created an aura around Agni that makes you fear and respect her at the same time. However, the crass screenplay fades out her acting so the viewers to solely concentrate on how bad the film is. Divya Dutta is an amazing actor and that is a fact and she has done a commendable job in this one as well. Arjun Rampal has acted well but could have done much more to the role.

As said before, the storyline and screenplay are extremely terrible. As simple as explaining the story in words seems, it has not been executed with that simplicity. The screenplay gets tangled in its own complexes so much that it confuses the audience. A simple story has unfolded in such a way that it becomes boring to watch further. The cinematography is so beautiful that every frame has its aesthetic. But the film feels like nothing more than just a compilation of well-shot montages. Director Razneesh Ghai, who is yet to deliver a good film has again failed to make that effort.

Overall, Dhaakad has good actors, and good cinematography but a terrible screenplay and story overpower everything else. The movie is boring and confusing and offers nothing to the viewers. If you have a lot of money and time, then this may be your guilty pleasure.

Stars: 1/5

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