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Actor Amitabh Bachchan greets fans with folded hands!

Actor Amitabh Bachchan visited and greeted his fans on Sunday outside his Jalsa residence in Mumbai for the first time since undergoing a treatment for an injury while filming his next movie Project K,. He uploaded a number of pictures of himself wearing a "homemade sling" on his blog on Monday.

In pictures Amitabh wore a white kurta-pyjama and matching sneakers. He also opted for a black and white jacket and had his arm wrapped in a sling fashioned out of a grey shawl. He folded his hands, waved and smiled at his fans.

Amitabh wrote, "And the work continues .. the Sunday blessings of the well wishers .. my love affection and gratitude .. they still come .. me in homemade sling and the grey. PS .. a patch of grey behind the hair ; ‘no time to get the nature fair .. but now that resumption does invite, shall attend to it and make it bright!!"

He also added, "The breathing done in the ‘yaam’ for now ; off to work, in defiance somehow ; the Ef renders, this is beyond allow ; but work I must , to them I bow !!! There is a flood of well wishers here, but space and limits do not allow ..so shall be posting another Blog , patience please, doing it now!!"

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