Friday, March, 24,2023

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Nimrit and Priyanka have chances to Win!

Celebrity tarot card readers and life coaches Munisha Khatwani, Hansa Singh, and Priya Paramitaa Paul joined us In a special conversation with First India Filmy to discuss none other than the future itself. Yes you read it right, the ladies opened up on the upcoming winners of Bigg Boss 16 and so much more. 

We started the conversation with asking for the winner of this season, and looking at the cards Munisha said , “ I have an intuition that a girl will take the trophy home and I feel that could be anyone between Nimrit and Priyanka both are extremely strong contenders “

Hansa Singh said , “There can be no predictions in Biggboss and Politics but i am really looking forward to watch a girl holding the trophy, so let’s wait and watch “

Priya said , “ Everyone’s destiny is on their own hands and it will be exciting to see how things unfold further". 

After which they pulled out the best cards and just like that it was a celebration card for Nimrit, explaining about which the ladies said, the cards are very strong towards Nimrit, they further went on to explain that Nimrit has high chances of winning, but the only thing that seems like a problem is her not opening up. They said, it will be really great if she opens up more l it will truly work out in her favour.

Speaking of Priyanka they said, lot of good things will be happening after the show. Things will workout in her favour. And she will be in top 3. Taking out their cards they further revealed, they said Priyanka night be the queen of the Bigg Boss but not of this season, and they see great projects coming in for her after the show. 

Speaking of MC stan, they revealed that stan has already won the heart of millions and so far it is the biggest victory for him. Because no trophy can match the love of the audience.

Speaking of Shalin, they said said by looking at cards he is enjoying his journey in the house right now. But he has these mood swings which is really hindering his performance in the house. But due to the Tower card they don't see him making it to the top.

Speaking of Archana the ladies revealed, " she is happy with the whole scenario which is going on in the show right now. She is a great person but she is talking lot of stress about being a winner. 

Speaking of shiv, the show is bringing change in his life because of the number 9. Shiv has already been the winner but this time the cards don't see him making it to the trophy. 




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