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Ranbir Kapoor on Uorfi's fashion choices!

Ranbir Kapoor recently appeared on Kareena Kapoor Khan's talk programme, What Women Want. The actor participated in a fun game in which he was asked to assess the attractiveness of several celebrities. He could see the clothes, but the kink in the story was that the faces were covered, so he had to make a guess as to who it was!

Kareena Kapoor Khan showed a placard of Uorfi Javed and said, “I think you know who this person is.” To this, Ranbir Kapoor responded, “Is it Uorfi? I am not a big fan of this kind of fashion. But I believe that we are living in a world today where if you are comfortable in your skin…”

Kareena Kapoor Khan interrupted while he was speaking and added, “Good taste or bad taste, Ranbir?”

Ranbir Kapoor finally concluded, “Bad taste.” On the other hand, Ranbir was asked about Priyanka Chopra Jonas. “PeeCee is awesome. So, definitely good taste. I think she has a lot of carriage and she pulls it off. Because she has this self confidence. And if you have self confidence, you can pull off anything,” he responded. 

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