Wednesday, September, 28,2022

BJP, RSS never hoisted the Tricolour, now they are trying to make it their own, says CM Gehlot

New Delhi: Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot made a verbal attack on PM Narendra Modi and BJP on many issues and terming the free scheme as ‘distributing revdi’. Gehlot questioned the Gujarat model and called it a betrayal with the country. The CM said that RSS and BJP were not raising the tricolour flag for 50 years and now they are doing it and adopting Gandhi. Speaking to media on Thursday here, Gehlot said, “Modi created a hype in the name of Gujarat model. Find out what was the Gujarat model? The Gujarat model was a betrayal of the country. Today people are longing for jobs there. Employees are not getting full salary in Gujarat, lakhs of people are engaged temporarily. Roads are broken.” He said that now his people have gone there as in-charge. “They inform about what all is not happening there. A hype was created around Gujarat model as if God knows what Modi would do. Modi had a huge opportunity to change lives.

Had Modi quoted achievements of 75 years & told the decisions from the time of Nehru to Manmohan Singh, it would have been good but by not doing so, he missed the opportunity,” Gehlot said. He added, “These are not revadis. The PM has insulted crores of people. I want to ask him that when Vasundhara Raje was the CM, you had done big events in Jaipur & Ajmer. The beneficiaries were brought by buses & arrangements were made for them. At least we aren’t showing favours like this,” he said.

“I challenge you to do research and analysis of our 4 budgets and implement our scheme at Centre & in BJP ruled states. Then you will know what is the specialty of our plans? We don’t engage in marketing like BJP. Modi himself is a master in marketing,” he said. orruption has increased 10 times more than the UPA regime.

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