Wednesday, September, 28,2022


New Delhi: With Wednesday’s discussion moving around the point whether Gehlot will vacate the post of CM after filing nomination or prior to it, Thursday brought to fore another major revelation wherein a senior leader of the Congress high command revealed that Gehlot’s resignation will not happen before filling the form on September 25 or 26. Gehlot will fill the nomination for Congress President election as the Chief Minister. Meanwhile, in Kerala on Thursday, Rahul again reiterated his ‘commitment’ to ‘One person-One post’ principle. Notably, the Congress had passed this resolution in Udaipur Chintan Shivir. On the other hand, in Kochi, Gehlot also went ahead and said the same thing that ‘Congress President cannot work on two posts’. This means that even Gehlot will not be an exception to this principle and can resign at any time after being elected Congress President on October 19.

Now the process of selection of new Chief Minister will start only after October 19 and possibly the decision will be taken in the meeting of the legislature party, but if Gehlot gets elected unopposed then this process can start from October 1 itself. In the midst of all this atmosphere, there is a million dollar question: Who will be the new Chief Minister of Rajasthan after October 19? Will the new Chief Minister be of Gehlot’s choice? Keeping these possibilities in mind, Gehlot has suggested the name of his successor and forwarded Dr. CP Joshi’s name to Sonia a month back. On Wednesday too, Gehlot had spoken to Sonia about Joshi and suggested her to choose the new Chief Minister from the opinion of the MLAs. This means that Gehlot considers CP as the ‘CHOICE’ of MLAs. Moreover, there is news of Gehlot meeting Sonia and Priyanka in private. In all these meetings, Gehlot reiterated his old point and expressed the possibility of not winning the next election, if these points are not adhered to. However, on Thursday, sources claimed that now, since Priyanka Gandhi had put forwarded Pilot’s name during discussion with Gehlot, the high command has also forwarded Pilot’s name, perhaps to observe the response of MLAs. But, naturally Gehlot is not conducive to Pilot’s name. But will someone else be able to become CM without the ‘support’ of Gehlot and MLAs?

Now, perhaps only after the possible resignation of Gehlot in October-November, the high command will take a final decision in this regard. However, in all this atmosphere, the high command has called Sachin Pilot to Delhi and word is that on Friday, Pilot may get to meet Sonia Gandhi. Meanwhile, Rahul and Gehlot are engrossed in Kerala in detailed discussions on the current situation in Congress. Interestingly, Gehlot will be elected Congress National President on September 30 if Shashi Tharoor does not file nomination and if, in case, Tharoor does file the nomination, then Gehlot will be declared party president on October 19.

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