Friday, August, 12,2022

How will the opposition protest in Parliament?

New Delhi: It is the right of the opposition to question the policies of the government, highlight its shortcomings and if the government does not listen, it is the right of the opposition to protest. The 70 years of history, experience and traditions of Parliament established a way of protest. But now it seems that the opposition parties will not be able to protest following those ways. Opposition parties used to raise slogans in the House, go to the Well and hold demonstrations, waving placards, but now all this will not be allowed. Members can be suspended for using such tactics. In the monsoon session of Parliament, 27 MPs in both the houses were suspended for the same reasons.

Think, MPs will not carry placards inside the House, will not raise slogans, will not go to the Well, will not be able to utter words of protest, will not be able to protest in the Parliament premises, then how will they oppose the government? Either they stand quietly in their place or walk out of the house! Keep in mind that recently a list of unparliamentary words had come out and there is a growing feeling that if all these words are made unparliamentary, then how will the MPs protest? A Rajya Sabha manual states that MPs should not stage sit-in or protest in the Parliament premises. However, there is no ban on this and in this session also the MPs demonstrated. But just as MPs were suspended for shouting slogans and showing placards, in the coming days, they may also be suspended for protesting in Parliament premises!

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