Wednesday, September, 28,2022

Rahul steadfast on one person, one post; Gehlot cites ‘dangers’ before Raj government if face changes!

New Delhi: The search for the next Congress President seems to be swinging like a pendulum between Congress’ recent ‘commitment’ to the ‘One person, One post’ thought and various hurdles in implementation of the said idea. As of now there exists, as the media would term it, ‘a state of uncertainty’ in the Congress, but if Congress leaders are to be believed, this is the ‘internal democracy’ of Congress. But why is this so? Well, for one, there is a ‘controversy’ over who would head the party and the government in Rajasthan. In this whole episode, 5-6 people were consulted and everyone gave their different opinion citing ‘democracy’.

Wednesday’s twohour meeting at 10, Janpath in Delhi was nothing short of a ‘political turmoil’, as on one hand, Gehlot was told to take over the responsibility of party president by September. But in Wednesday’s meeting, there was a long discussion regarding the post of Chief Minister of Rajasthan along with the election process. The issue was deliberated on the point if Gehlot would decide on vacating the chair after being elected president or before filing nomination. Meanwhile, Priyanka Gandhi suggested Sachin Pilot’s name for CM of Rajasthan and on the other hand there was also a discussion about consulting the legislators. Notably, the names of Dr CP Joshi, Bhanwar Jitendra Singh, Harish Chaudhary and Raghu Sharma were also discussed for the CM’s chair. Interestingly, amidst all this, Rahul Gandhi has been steadfast that whatever decision is taken, it should be similar to the ideology of the party. And the ideology of the party is of ‘one man-one post’ principle. In such a situation, there is doubt on any decision at the moment. Sonia-Rahul-Priyanka-Venugopal-Gehlot all have varying opinions and in such a situation, now only Sonia Gandhi will take the final decision.

Notably, while the decision hangs in balance, Gehlot reached Kochi on Thursday and held a one-oneone discussion with Rahul Gandhi for about one and half hour, during which even PCC Chief Govind Singh Dotasra was not allowed in the meeting room. Sources reveal that Gehlot reportedly told his mind to Rahul Gandhi and stressed, “’There may be a crisis in the government if the face changes in Rajasthan. The way independents and other MLAs have supported the government, it is not necessary that situation will be like this in future. Decision should be taken in view of the current political situation in Rajasthan.” Rajasthan Congress MLAs can go to Delhi on September 27. It has said that the MLAs can give their opinion regarding the post of CM.

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