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5 tracks by the singing sensation Tulsi Kumar that rules our playlists!

The very soulful and singing sensation Tulsi Kumar has been ruling the music world for quite sometime now with her passionate voice and adorable persona. Tulsi's songs are immensely popular among people of all age groups and she has built a rock solid fan base for herself with her back to back chartbusters.

The singer has not only aced the music game with her voice but has also featured in several of her numbers, thereby solidifying her place as a singer like no other! That’s not all, Tulsi has also always managed to dabble in different genres from lo-fi to pop and romance and she has surely showcased her versatility by succeeding in all. Here we have our top 5 songs by the effervescent Tulsi which is on our playlist. If you haven't added these, you have to add them now and you can thank us later!


1. Hum Nashe Mein Toh Nahi( lo-fi revived)

Hum Nashe Mein Toh Nahi ,lo fi revived version by Tulsi is a melody that will instantly lift up your mood and make your day brighter. The lo-fi version by her has gained massive popularity and is our utmost favourite. This was something new that Tulsi tried and we fell in love with it instantly. 

2. Is Qadar

The heartfelt melody by Tulsi Kumar, Darshan Raval and Sachet- Paramapara teases your romantic emotions correctly. The song stars Tulsi and Darshan themselves and is also visual treat for the audiences. The tune is catchy and yet somber at the same time and is perfect for all those who have newly fallen in love!

3. Tulsi Kumar Dance Wave Mashup

The Tulsi Kumar Dance Wave Mashup surely makes us groove instantly. The mashup is a perfect fit to any party and is an amalgamation of some of her own songs. This is a must have on any party playlist and will set the mood for your do. Tulsi has surely outdone herself with this one! The dance sequences and her fashion game is certainly worth a watch and will have the audience mimicking her in no time! This track has gained immense popularity within a short span of time from its release! 

4.Teri Ban Jayungi (Reprise)

The romantic track from Kabir Singh had become an instant hit since its release. The reprised version by Tulsi is a melody to fall for in the truest sense and went on to become a super duper success with music lovers. It's often entertaining for music aficionados to have their favourite singers croon to reprised versions and we hope to hear more of such songs from Tulsi. 

5. Jo Mujhe Deewana Kar De

This Tulsi Kumar starrer track is one of the most loved songs by her fans. You can listen to it everyday and yet not get bored. Her fans went head over heels when the video launched and witnessed Tulsi's sugar and spice avatar which was never seen before. What's more ? She certainly held our attention throughout the video and proved that her acting skills are absolutely top notch! The dance segment and the styling too was absolutely on point. 

We for one can't wait to hear more from the super singer and wish she comes up with more videos and songs soon for us to add to our playlists! Which is your favourite Tulsi Kumar from the above?

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