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We have an unsaid understanding between us : Raqesh and Shamita

One of the most loved couple Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat recently spoke to Ashish Tiwari of First India to promote their song, Tere Vich Rab Disda. The duo recently announced their breakup and this remains their first project together.

Both Shamita and Raqesh have been receiving a lot of love for their song by Tseries sung by Sachet and Parampara. Speaking on their characters in the song they said , Raqesh said , “I am not like this in real life but it’s always fun portraying something that you are not on screen , everything just fell in place” Shamita added , “ Everything about the song is beautiful from the melody to the composition to the location it’s perfect, and I am so glad people are loving it as it’s a song you can hear again and again” 

Raqesh said , “We shot at extreme conditions with 45 degree temperature outside. That’s the harsh reality people tend to believe whatever they see to be the glamorous outcome but we as actors know what we go through. We need to work for the end product” Shamita Added , “I enjoy every aspect of acting so whatever you see in the song is quite natural”

“We have an unsaid energy and understanding between us that’s what brings out the best of our chemistry on screen be it in biggboss or the song”Shamita quoted , “ As we knew each other already there was a comfort in working we could communicate so we really enjoyed working on this” 

Speaking on each other’s first expression of each other they said , “I find her classy , dignified and stylish she’s a complete package” Raqesh Quoted. To which Shamita Said , “Raqesh has a artistic side to himself and with that the calming factor that he has in him which i really appreciate and like about him.“

On asking how was their shooting experience they mentioned, “Shooting at the banks of ganga was a surreal experience . We had to run through the laxman jhula multiple times to complete the shoot”

While Shamita and Raqesh have been one of the most loved contestants of the year fans await their reunion to which Shamita quoted , “ Everyone is too busy with their lives after biggboss it gets difficult to be free together on the same day. We connect once in a while and then get back to work”


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