Monday, June, 05,2023

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Gehlot addresses voters in Gujarat, appeals to form Congress govt

Gandhidham: Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot was a tour of Gujarat on Saturday wherein he targetted the Centre over inflation and terror of mistrust between communities across the nation. Addressing a rally at Gandhidham, Gehlot said, “’I am glad that I got the opportunity to visit your district. Today there is an atmosphere of tension in the country and central agencies are being misused.”

Gehlot stressed that the current government (BJP) has come to power by misleading people and claimed that if Congress government is formed, the party would bring in welfare schemes.

“Constitution and democracy are being damaged. The economy is going down the drain, inflation is breaking the back. BJP is worried about Rahul Gandhi’s visit. I request you to make Congress win in this election. BJP’s misrule is going on for 27 years. Many people lost their lives in Corona.

Many people lost their lives in Morbi, but even a probe wasn’t done. HC reprimanded government & provided compensation. Govt should have conducted a judicial inquiry. 70 people died of spurious alcohol, but no one cared,” he said. Targeting the Centre, he said, “For the 1st time in nation entire govt has been changed (in Gujarat). Small industries came to a standstill due to demonetisation. “Promises will be kept in Gujarat if voted to power.”

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