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Surat Bar, courts decide only emergency physical hearings

Surat: The Surat District Bar Association has  in a resolution aimed at safety against coronavirus decided to stay away from operations other then important work.

The resolution says Surat District Court will work from March 25 to April 5 under strict precautions and only very important work will be taken care physically. The decision was made in the meeting held by the bar association on Thursday.  

Thousands of people visit the district courts everyday and it becomes difficult to handle the crowd.

The court building has 10 storeys and all the people use the elevators.  In the past few days, many court employees and lawyers were found infected with the virus.

The Surat Bar Association has also informed the Principal District Judge in writing about there precautions.

It has also come to notice that in some cases the court issues warrant if either of the party does not appears.

This proceeding will also be kept on hold till further notice. The applicant in such case will be given an upcoming date of hearing.

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