Sunday, October, 01,2023

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3 dozen houses, 4 temples pose major roadblocks

Jaipur: A lot of challenges are standing in the way of Jhotwara elevated road, which is planned to make movement smooth for about 5 lakh people. It is important to overcome these challenges quickly so as to complete the project by June 2023. The project is a victim of a delay of 2.5 years. The challenges are that there are three dozen houses from the railway line to Lata Circle and beyond. There are 4 temples between the railway line and the Lata circle and all these constructions have to be removed as the work of pile foundation has stopped.

However, JDA has got success in taking possession of 2880 square meter industrial land. But the project work is stuck due to 3 dozen houses and 4 temples. The work of Jhotwara elevated road project was started during the previous BJP government. The deadline for completion of the project is June next year. Earlier, this project was to be completed in December 2020 but was delayed by 1 year due to corona. Under this project, the existing railway over bridge will be expanded. Three lanes of the new bridge will be added to the 3 lanes of the existing bridge. In this way total 6 lanes will be available for vehicular traffic. Vehicles coming from Niwaru Road and Khatipura will also get direct connectivity

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