Wednesday, September, 28,2022

BJP to target Nitish Kumar, Tejashwi come Monday

Mumbai: Three murders in Bihar, including a temple priest and a contractor, since the newly installed Nitish Kumar led alliance government with the RJD and Congress has a smarting BJP ready to launch into a political campaign against Kumar and Tejashwi Yadav come Monday. “The BJP did not react to provocations during our alliance government with Kumar even when our BJP offices were attacked in the state and when the Agneepath armed forces recruitment scheme saw state sponsored violence and arson. We simply asked Chief Minister Kumar then to ensure the security of his alliance partners (red BJP offices) in the state and stopped all train traffic inbound to Bihar,” a BJP leader said.

He added that with the Home department being headed by RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav, the three murders will be used to pin down the party that is already under the active probe by the CBI for the land for railway jobs scam. “The whole Yadav family has been found to be connected in the scam being probed by the CBI including two sisters of the newly installed deputy Chief Minister. Things are going to heat up in Bihar where we were dumped despite following the principle of coalition Dharma. Now Karma will take over and the JD(U) CM and RJD party will pay for their sins,” the leader added. Already the Congress party that is part of the new alliance government has indicated that it will not be taken for granted especially, over the allocation of cabinet portfolios where it will demand its pound of flesh from CM Nitish Kuma. “The plan to launch an aggressive campaign and prosecution action beginning Monday was firmed up in the wake of comments made by RJD leaders like Misa Yadav who had the audacity to say her party had replaced the BJP in the government for having asked people of India to replace their social media display picture (DP) image with the Tiranga (Indian flag), which was unbecoming,” he added.

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