Wednesday, October, 04,2023

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It is not right to disturb social harmony: MLA Jogeshwar Garg

Jaipur: Jogeshwar Garg, a Dalit MLA from Jalore SC seat of BJP, has raised questions on the death of a 9-year-old boy, Indra Meghwal, after being assaulted by a school teacher, saying that the case is being politicised. Garg said there are two partners in the private school where the incident happened.

He said, “There is a Rajput and a cobbler. More than half the teachers are from SCST category. Besides, there are Meghwals, Cobblers and Bhils. Almost half of the children there are from SC-ST category.” The MLA said that he has spoken to the people of the village and people of different communities, but whether the incident happened because of caste or due to water, is doubtful. “We have to wait for the investigation. Before that it is not right to disturb social harmony,” he said.

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