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Vaibhav Gehlot attacks Central Govt on misuse of ED, says ‘we had expected this’

Bhilwara: RCA President Vaibhav Gehlot visited Bhilwara on Friday as the chief guest at the closing ceremony of the day night cricket competition organized by the social organization Jeeto. RCA President Gehlot was received by RCA Treasurer Rampal Sharma at the railway station. On this occasion, along with cricket expert Mahendra Nahar, Congress officials were also present.

Vaibhav attacked the Central Government for the misuse of ED. “We had expected that the BJP would do politics on similar matters in the election year,” he said.

On the question of BJP MP Kirodi Lal Meena going to ED office and holding a press conference, Vaibhav said, “All these matters were raised 12 years back also. A black paper was issued for this, but nothing has been done so far.” Vaibhav expected the work of the stadium being built in Jaipur to be completed in 2 to two and a half years and said that it will be our endeavor to provide an international level stadium to Rajasthan as soon as possible. On the question of Union Minister Gajendra Singh’s involvement in Sanjivani scam, he said, “Showing his big heart, he should come forward to help the people and return the money himself.”

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