Wednesday, September, 28,2022


Jaipur: Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has made a scathing attack on RSS and BJP and stressed that the saffron party and its parent institution ‘play with people in the name of Gaumata, Hindus.’ “They get votes by instigating people and win elections. It has to be understood, if they sincerely want to do good for the country, talk about Hindu interest, then I believe that they should first start the campaign to eradicate untouchability. Go to the houses of the scheduled caste yourself, go to the Dalits and sit with them and eat food on their plate. Stop pretending,” CM Ashok Gehlot said while speaking at an Independence Day programme on Monday.

CM Gehlot said, “I remember my childhood days. There were agitations regarding HindiEnglish. We used to be against the English and people of Tamil Nadu and South were against Hindi. There were so many riots, they forget.Ask them, you talk about Hindu Rashtra and when Hindu Rashtra will be formed, then there are people from the backward strata also. Why don’t you talk about eradicating untouchability? Your 100 years old RSS is a cultural organisation, which was banned by Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. They had given in writing that we will not do politics in future, what are those people doing today? What are you doing with BJP today?”

Targeting the ruling party, he said, “BJP people, RSS people, eradicate untouchability, end discrimination among OBC-SC-STs, make all Hindus equal.” Gehlot also hit back at RSS leader Indresh Kumar’s remark, accusing Gandhi of nation’s partition, saying that if he had elected Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Subhash Chandra Bose as ADC, India wouldn’t have been partitioned. ‘Those who are doing politics in name of Hindutva, talking of making a Hindu Rashtra, I would like to ask that Pakistan was created in the name of religion, it was ruined. Today it doesn’t stand anywhere on parameter-indicators as compared to our country. So I want to ask them that you talk of Hindu Rashtra, if you become a Hindu Rashtra, what will happen after that? What will Tamil Nadu do for you? In Tamil Nadu, when the then PM Pandit Nehru passed a law that Hindi-English will remain a local language for 15 years. After that Hindi will become the official language. When 15 years were completed, in 1965, the people of Tamil Nadu committed self-immolation.

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