Wednesday, November, 30,2022

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Air connectivity from Jpr reduces from 22 to 17 cities

Jaipur: Air connectivity from Jaipur International Airport is continuously decreasing. There has also been a decline in the number of air passengers in the last few months. Until six months ago, Jaipur was connected to 22 cities of the country, but today only 17 cities are connected. According to the official figures from April to July, the number of passengers was decreasing every month. Due to low passenger load, it is becoming difficult for airlines to run regular flights. This led to the decrease in air connectivity from Jaipur. Currently, flights are available for 17 major cities. Out of these, there are three cities where flights are available only occasionally. Most of the regular flights have been discontinued. Besides, low passenger load, increase in the cost of airlines is also said to be a reason for decrease in flight operations. Airfares have gone up due to the rise in aviation turbine fuel rates.

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