Wednesday, September, 28,2022

Ajmer Dairy orders purchase of 6L vaccines to fight Lumpy

Ajmer: For the control of the Lumpi skin disease spreading in the State, RCDF MD Sushma Arora is serious and therefore on directions of RCDF Jaipur, the Ajmer Dairy has ordered to buy 6 lakh vaccines. After getting approval to buy 6 lakh vaccines from Jaipur for Rs 94 lakh, Ajmer Dairy will send the said amount to Hester Company. It is also told that it is the opinion of the veterinry doctors that in the farm or village where the disease has come a month ago and all the remaining cows have not got the disease, they can be vaccinated so that these bovines will be free from this disease. Notably, the State Government has demanded the Union government to declare lumpy a national calamity.

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