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Akshay Kumar hails India's global growth at SCO Film Festival

Mumbai: India has come a long way since Independence. It's one of the most powerful countries in the world. Its influence in the world has increased significantly in recent years.
Currently, India is hosting Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Film Festival. The particular festival aims to build cinematic partnerships and act as a bridge between the cultures of various countries in the SCO. Superstar Akshay Kumar attended the opening ceremony of the SCO Film Festival where he hailed India's economic growth.

He said. "India is growing globally more and more...this year we went to Golden Globe and won there...we secured so many nominations at Oscar this year. Things are moving so fast... all those things we are doing are getting picked up by societies."
The SCO Film Festival 2023 was inaugurated by Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting Anurag Thakur.
During the press conference of the festival, Thakur talked about Indian cinema. He also addressed the ongoing "Boycott Bollywood" trend.
"In a country like India where we want to increase our soft power and our films are making a name for themselves globally, then such things definitely have an impact. If anyone has an issue, they should bring it up with the department. But sometimes people make comments without even having the full knowledge and it does have an impact, which should not happen," Thakur said.
The SCO Film Festival will run till 31st January with the award ceremony scheduled on that day. (ANI)

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