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Anupam Kher: A function that does not award The Kashmir Files is fraud

Mumbai (Maharashtra): The Kashmir Files is a film that could be called the underdog of the Hindi film industry. It came out of nowhere and emerged on top of all the big-budgeted films. Anupam Kher who was praised for his performance in the film hit another such underdog with the pan-India film, Karthikeya 2. During the success party of the Nikhil Siddhartha starrer, Anupam Kher was asked how he looks at the success of his two films amidst the increasing flops and the criticism he has been receiving for the former film from the film fraternity.

The actor said that although he feels all his films have been good, the films released now are being compared by money. “They say content matters. It does but even when you look at it from a monetary perspective, The Kashmir Files gained Rs 350 crores and Karthikeya 2’s counting has just begun. So, I feel I am lucky. But honestly, ups and downs, hits and flops do not matter to me as much. But in 2022, I want to say this proudly without making anyone else feel little that the biggest star of 2022 is sitting right here.”

Sharing why he thinks big-budgeted films did not work in front of a low-budgeted one like Karthikeya 2, the actor said, “This is not a fighting ring where one film has to win over others. I feel sad that they did not work. But sometimes films do not work. They are unable to touch the hearts of the audience. We have to consider that there had been a lockdown for two years which changed the audience. They consumed content apart from Hindi. So now they want to watch what touches their heart. But I am not a special analyzer, so only the audience knows what works.”

On whether he expects a national award for The Kashmir Files, he said, “The award function that does not celebrate The Kashmir Files is fraud. How can you not give every award to the film!”

Commenting on the recent statements made by Anurag Kashyap on The Kashmir Files, the actor said, “I respect Anurag Kashyap as a filmmaker. He is a really good director. But I don’t need his certificate to validate my films. We have been praised by the audience and we are glad about that.”

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