Friday, August, 12,2022

Centre can turn its back on people, but Cong won’t: Pilot

New Delhi: Former Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan Sachin Pilot and Chairman of Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation Dharmendra Rathore were detained by Delhi Police on Friday. Pilot joined the Congress’s ‘Mehengai Halla Bol’ programme against the Modi government during which he stressed that Congress will oppose the dictatorship of the BJP government.

“Truth will not bow down. Modi government is living in arrogance. It is turning its back on the people of the country. We will not be afraid of the dictatorship and atrocities of the BJP. We will continue to raise our voice on issues related to the people. Priyanka Gandhi sat on Satyagraha with us and thus, truth can’t be erased by taking us into custody against the autocratic rule of BJP. The Centre can turn its back on the country and the people, but not Congress. This Gandhian Satyagraha and struggle will continue. We will speak on inflation,” Pilot tweeted. The Congress leader said, “Unbridled inflation and unemployment in the country have made life difficult for the people. Especially by snatching the morsel of the poor and middle class, the Centre has shown its cruelty and autocracy. People will teach a lesson to Modi government in elections,” he said. Moreover, Pilot strongly condemned the arrest of Congress MP Rahul Gandhi and tweeted, “The arrest of Congress leaders and workers including Rahul Gandhi for raising their voice against unbridled inflation is condemnable. Congress will continue to raise the voice of the people against this backbreaking inflation.”

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