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Diva Planet Magazine Selected Asia’s Top 100 Influential Women From the Various professional Backgrounds

Diva Planet Magazine is a platform for Women and By Women Only. Diva word itself stands for those Women who have outstanding talent in the world, and that was the only purpose of starting this organisation to celebrate Women and their achievements. It was established by Founder & CEO Aarti Sorout under the Crown Times organisation.
This platform recognises those Women who have a remarkable contribution towards society and  a symbol of strength and women empowerment.
Naming them with their Particular Professions:-
1.Parita Vora ( Alphhalight ) - Asia’s Top Tarot Reader / Healer and Author 2023
2.Mank Gourmet- Asia’s Top Entrepreneur ( Specialisation - Frozen Food Entrees)
3.Prakalpa Bastinanpillai - Asia’s Top Prominent Educationalist 2023
4.Kunjal Shah - Asia’s Top Tarot Reader of the Year 2023
5.Srijita Dasgupta - Young Versatile Author 2023
6.Tanya - Tarot Reader of the Year 2023
7.Renuka Gupta - Tarot Reader and Manifestation Coach 2023
8.Masrat Abid - Asia’s Top Woman Sr. Quality Chemist 2023
9.Priyanka Kathait - Asia’s Top Author 2023
10.Avanthika S - Youngest Speaker of the Year 2023
11.Letras_conamor.byprabha - Visionary Artist of the Year 2023
12.Jyotirmayee Panda - Asia’s Top Young Writer & Motivational Speaker 2023
13.Ranzeena Nazeer - Visionary Entrepreneur & International Lead Business Analyst 2023
14.Dr. Devyani Katti - Prominent Doctor of the Year 2023
15.Mrs. Anju Daga - Prominent Artist of the Year 2023
16.Shilpi Uppal - Woman Icon of the Year 2023
17.Foram C.Somani - Ayurvedic Diet Consultant 2023
18.Mrs. Rajni Sunil Mhetre - Most outstanding cake product manufacturer & cake studio in pune ( 2023)
19.Surekha Shivanand Sadlapur - Promising Entrepreneur ( Interior Designer ) 2023
20.Madhvi K Gohil - Prominent Woman Psychologist 2023
21.Hetal Jay Sheth - Interior Designer of the Year 2023
22. Sasmita Behura - Woman Entrepreneur 2023 ,Printonix (A Complete Documentary Unit & Press Unit) -Proprietor
23. Sri Maa Sidh Sidhshakti Ji -Globally Renowned Spiritual Scientist & Meditation Expert of the Year 2023
24. Shailaja Nistala -Prominent Social Worker of the Year 2023
25. Shweta Vyas -Dynamic Tarot Reader and Crystal Healing Therapist of the Year 2023
26. Mradula Pandey -Creative Entrepreneur of the Year 2023
27.M. NAZEEMA BANU - Sky Beauty Academy of the Year 2023
28. Priti Dhumal - Young Visionary Architect & Interior Designer 2023
29. Shalini Sinha -Creative Entrepreneur of the year 2023
30. Dr Saima Khan - Best
ClinicalCosmetologist,Trichologist & Life Style Coach of the year 2023
31. SHRUTI AGARWALLA -Best Pranic Healer of the Year 2023
32. Krithika Kirubanantham -Innovative Young Entrepreneur of the year 2023
33. Ananya Bag -Emerging Young Model 2023
34. Dr Mehar kaur dhillon -Best Doctor 2023
35. Twinkle Agarwal -Emerging Tarot Reader and Healer of the Year 2023
36. Pooja Sen -Best Youngest Educationalist of the Year 2023
37. Dr Swetha S -Best Dermatologist and Pageant Winner of the Year 2023
38. Neha Tekwani -Most Inspiring Woman of the Year 2023
39.Reena Trivedi - Best Fashion Influencer and Entrepreneur of the Year 2023
40. Saisudha -Versatile Woman of the Year 2023
41. Dr. Adv. Cherry Kushwaha -Most Dynamic Woman of the Year 2023
42. Sonam Shrivastava -Best Educationist and Pageant title Holder of the year 2023
43. Shalaka Sreeram -Most Outstanding Artist of the Year 2023
44. Lavanya Rajendran -Most Iconic Visionary Entrepreneur 2023
45. Reena Peter -Most Outstanding Woman of the Year 2023
46. Miss. Smitaa Pawar -Best Dynamic Tarot Card Reader and Holistic Healer 2023
47. Arnoor Kang -Best Youngest Singer of the Year 2023
48.Spruha Shende - Dynamic Youngest Makeupartist of the year 2023
49. Mansi Soni -Dynamic Young Author of the Year 2023
50. Kashish Yadav - Most Youngest Spiritual Entrepreneur of the Year 2023
51. Sujitha Sathasivam-Most Outstanding Woman of the Year 2023
52.  Ameena Nousheen  - Most Dynamic Young Leader of the Year 2023
53. Nujella Sirisha-Outstanding Educationalist of the Year 2023
54. Sharanya b-Most Creative crochet Artist of the Year 2023
55. Janhavi Khandalkar- Best Youngest Multitasker Woman of the Year 2023
56. Shrayasi Banerjee- Most outstanding Astrologer of the year 2023
57. Theertha Sarvika - Most Iconic Model of the Year 2023
58. Namrata Ratnaparkhi -Most Remarkable Makeupartist of the Year 2023
59. Dr Navpreet Kaur -Most Outstanding Doctor of the Year 2023
60. Divya jain  - Most Desirable Interior Designer of  the Year 2023
61.Pratima suraj kotwal -Most Desirable International & domestic Tour Operator of the Year 2023
62.Komal - Youngest Model of the Year 2023
63. Nupur Jain -Best Youngest Advocate of the Year 2023
64. Geetha Ramachandra -Best Designer of the Year 2023
65. Dr. Ravisha Sawant -Best Dynamic Professor of the Year 2023
66. S.Sheela Vageesan -Dynamic Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 ( Specialisations- Hair and Skin Care Products )
68. Chandrima Gupta -Most Visionary Entrepreneur of the Year 2023
69. Yamuna Sree -Best Creative and youngest Makeup artist of the year 2023
70. Ayushi Chakravorty -Most Youngest Dance Instructor of the year 2023 ( Owner and Instructor of 22 Dance Studio)
71. Maria Fatima -Innovative Teacher of the Year in the Field of Mathematics 2023
72. Mitalben Ronak Kumar patel -Most Creative Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2023
73. Sherry Brown Shepherd- Mrs India 2022, Entrepreneur and Social Activist
74. Srilekha Kaluvakunta -Best Dynamic and Creative Personality of the Year 2023
75. Manisha Koushik -Most Renowned Astrologer and Vastu Consultant of the Year 2023
76. Ruchika Gupta-Most Creative Entrepreneur of the Year 2023
77. Dr. Mamataben Soni -Best Visionary Assistant Professor of the Year 2023
78. Sugandha Chadha Shashank -Best Visionary Tarot Reader and fortune teller Reiki master of the Year 2023
79. Dr. Ankita Priydarshini -Most Dynamic Neuro-Psychiatrist & Entrepreneur of the Year 2023
80.Reet Kumar - Most Diverse Social Worker of the Year 2023
81. Priya Kurle -Best Dynamic Educationalist of the Year 2023
82.Purvi Kaushik - Best Change Maker Fashion Designer of the year 2023
83. Anu Arvind -Best Artisan of the Year 2023
84.Dishita- Best Visionary Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2023
85.Mandeep Kaur Bains - Prominent Architect 2023
86.Dr.Meenu Sharma - Asia’s Prominent Women Healthcare Consultant 2023
87.Chandrima Paul - Asia’s Top Prominent Data Scientist 2023
88.Divya Trivedi (SGSH Publication)-Asia’s Top Young Entrepreneur 2023
89.Sadmin Sadique - Asia’s Top Emerging Author & Social Activist 2023
90.Suman Sharma -Asia’s Top Best Numerologist 2023
 91.Anshumita Gogoi -Asia’s Top Writer & Social Worker 2023
 92. Alu Krishna AL-  Promising Young Budding Author 2023
 93. Mrs. Surabhi Singh -Mrs. India 2022 Fashionista
 94. Dr. Anitha Buddharaju- Asia’s Top Social Worker & Activist 2023
 95. Smt. Bandana Kalita - Promising Sportsperson & Organiser of BM Creation 2023
96. Karina Panchal - Promising Young Entrepreneur 2023
97.Ruksana Bano - Young Visionary Fashionpreneur 2023
98.Aditi Sharma -Most Outstanding Coach & Trainer of the Year 2023
99.Kanzah Syed - Asia’s Top Entrepreneur & Cosmetologist
100.Priyanky Sharma - Visionary Woman Entrepreneur 2023 (Director, Sai Safety Consortium Pvt Ltd.)

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