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Does Captain’s one last ‘innings’ left in him?

New Delhi: Does anyoner remember SM Krishna? It was recently covered in papers that he was ill and admitted to Manipal Hospital. Do you recall how he left the Congress and joined the BJP at the age of 85. Think, what can be said if a person after being in one party till the age of 85, leaves it and goes to another party? Congress made him the Chief Minister, made him a minister at the Center and also made him the Governor. But in 2017 at the age of 85, he joined the BJP. When he went to BJP, it was said that he would be sent to Rajya Sabha but that did not happen. It was also said that the son-in-law had gone to the BJP with the intention of saving the family from central agencies but that too did not happen. There was an income tax raid on the son-in-law and one day the son-in-law, fed up with the investigation, committed suicide.

The way 85-year-old SM Krishna went to BJP in old age, in the same way Captain Amarinder Singh has also joined BJP at the age of 80. He also engaged in anti-BJP politics throughout his life and was in Congress almost the entire time. In his old age, it seems that he wants to secure his son’s political career in BJP and himself become governor. His wife Preneet Kaur is an MP from Patiala and she is 77 years old. So, BJP will not give them a ticket in 2024, but their son can be contested. Till then Captain will sit quietly, waiting to get something.

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