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Former Congress MP Ugrappa defends Bhasmasur' statement against PM Modi

Bengaluru: Former Member of Parliament from Karnataka, and senior Congress leader VS Ugrappa, on Wednesday, defended his statement in which he called Prime Minister Narendra Modi "Bhasmasur".

"100%, I stand by my statement. I have a problem with the attitude of PM. Even CT Ravi uses words like 'Bhasmasur' against anti-nationals, so I have said the same. What is the problem?", said Ugrappa while speaking to ANI. He further defended his statement and alleged, "I said so because whatever he promises, all those things just vanish. He had promised that he would create 2 crore jobs in a year. So far in 8 years, he should've created 16 crore jobs whereas during the pandemic we lost over 13 crore jobs."

"In January 2019, I made it very clear on his (PM Modi) face that you are 'Adhunik Duryodhana' and that your attitude clearly shows heights of arrogance. I am sticking to my statement," said Ugrappa.
Notably, days after Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge made derogatory remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Karnataka Congress leader V S Ugrappa on December 3, compared the PM with the demon "Bhasmasur."

"A few years ago, when the BJP formed the government here by conducting Operation Lotus, PM Modi destroyed democracy. PM Modi is Bhasmasur as he swallowed his mentor LK Advani for the post," said Ugrappa.

Meanwhile, BJP national general secretary CT Ravi said only the corrupt and anti-nationals see the PM as "Bhasmasura", but for the people of the country Modi is "Lord Narayana".

Earlier in January 2020, criticising the Narendra Modi government, Ugrappa told ANI, " all of a sudden without solving the core issues like the economy, unemployment, and poverty, the BJP and Sangh Parivar are trying to project only emotional issues. Thereby, they are diverting the attention of the people. So, ultimately it will be a curse on the society and that is the reason why I call them (Shah and Modi) 'Shani' and 'Bhasmasur'." (ANI)

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