Thursday, March, 23,2023

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Government of India in preparation for another major action on Khalistani organization Sikh for Justice

The Government of India is preparing for another major action against Sikhs for Justice. By identifying online campaigns and voice calls in the name of Referendum 2020, agencies are set to block it.

The Indian government is preparing for another major action against the Khalistani organization Sikh for Justice. The agencies are preparing to block Sikh for Justice's online campaign and voice call in the name of Referendum 2020.

Significantly, after the strict action of the Government of India last month, anti-India calls have started coming in the name of Referendum 2020 on the phone of the common people, which the Government of India has taken very seriously.

The anti-national Khalistani movement is constantly trying to air people sitting outside the country, in which the Sikh for Justice organization is playing a major role.

However, the Indian government has banned it and forty websites linked to it, its leader Gurpatwant Singh Pannu. In spite of all this, this organization has been calling the common people in India for the past few weeks with reference to Twenty Twenty by voice call.

The Government of India has now made full preparations to block this voice call. For this, a joint team has been formed by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Information Technology. The team of this manner has also taken action on behalf of the Government of India in the earlier cases of Sikh for Justice.

For the past several years, intelligence agencies have been continuously getting information that Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI helps Sikhs for Justice Organization.

Such a move will only put a stop to the activities of the anti-India institution, but now it is necessary that this institution be isolated on the international stage.



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