Wednesday, October, 04,2023

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Kejriwal using Assembly to present his political agendas!

New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party can do anything. Party supremo and self proclaimed champion of ‘honesty’ Arvind Kejriwal is developing his own political modalities. One of his methods from day one has been to accuse anyone and later apologize if he gets into a legal trouble. He is still doing that kind of politics. Similarly, he has no hesitation in using any institution to promote the party or to say anything for votes. He is now using the assembly to promote his party, to present his agenda and for political gains. He is using the proceedings of the Assembly for electoral gains.

The Legislative Assembly has a process of securing a vote of confidence, which is usually done at the time of the formation of a new government or in exceptional circumstances. But Kejriwal is calling the assembly session by pretending that there exists an extraordinary situation and is making political speeches in the name of winning the trust vote. In Delhi, he had called a special one-day session, which lasted for five days, and during that time not a single legislative business was held or any meaningful discussion. Only Kejriwal accused the BJP that it wants to break the Aam Aadmi Party. A one-day session of the Punjab Assembly has now been called to make similar allegations. Bhagwant Mann will seek the trust vote in a special session on Thursday. AAP has 92 MLAs in the 117-member assembly and no one has challenged the majority, but AAP is still calling the session and claiming that BJP was breaking AAP MLAs but could not break them. This is a missuse of the process.

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