Thursday, March, 23,2023

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Lata Mangeshkar end of an era

Lata ji was the voice of independent India, she was the very soul and pride of Bharat! She, at 92, leaves behind a void that no one can fill.

With her unique, soul-stirring voice she breathed life into lyrics, weaving them into magical arias and melodies which bound the nation together as one.

Today, bereft of its voice…India reels from shock and goes into mourning.

As tributes pour in from across India and abroad, what stands out is that today from the highest echelons of power, be it political, financial, or entertainment to the rickshaw puller or the farmer in his field … all will be listening to their favourite Lata songs and every eye will be moist.

As in living, with her going away too, she binds us together like the ‘Didi’ she was to all Indians, she was truly the soul of the nation. Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar, with her nationalism, passion for perfectionism, open-hearted benevolence and one in a million voice, is a national icon.

Can we think of a single person who holds in their fan list five generations of one family? Lata ji is no more but she will live on forever through her songs and generations to come will grow up hearing her mellifluous voice… Meri awaaz hi pechchan hai… yaad rahe…

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