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Male insecurity led to Anurag Kashyap making more women-centric films

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Anurag Kashyap has made a diverse range of films and brought out classics that still entertain the audience equally. Right from the gangster mess that was Gangs of Wasseypur, to the soft and romantic story of Manmarziyaan, Anurag Kashyap has given the audiences every genre to amuse over. Along with his genres, there is another thing that has slightly shifted in his films – the gender of his main leads.

From the gun-loving Faizal Khan (Gangs of Wasseypur) to the smart and struggling Sarita Pillai (Choked), Anurag’s films have started shifting their focus from the strong and stubborn male leads to the leading and progressive women of the society. Since 2018, Anurag has been making women the focus of his films and portraying them in different shades, just like he did with his male counterparts. He has shown the stubborn Kalindi (Lust Stories) who is ready to explore her sexuality and the wildness and soft heart of Rumi Bagga (Maqnmarziyaan). Talking about the same, Anurag stated, “I think I get along with women more than men.”

In an interview with Indian Express, Anurag revealed, “Women are easier to work with and simpler to deal with. Male insecurity is so much more. I find it easier to work with a Taapsee Pannu, Saiyami Kher or Amruta Subhash. I get a lot of trust from them! I can’t work if I don’t get trust. When male actors are new, they give you all the trust but slowly the insecurity hits them. I have seen a lot of people change, with success and failure. Taapsee has stayed the same.”

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