Friday, March, 24,2023

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Niwai Municipality auctions 16 plots in Shastri Nagar

Tonk: The auction of 16 plots in the Shastri Nagar Residential Scheme was organized by the Municipality Niwai on the second day on Tuesday. Giving information, Chairman Dilip Israni said that 15 plots were auctioned on Tuesday at the auction site along with Executive Officer Mahima Dangi, Councilor Parshuram Kumawat Nitin Chhabra, Paras Pahadi, Ram Vilas Balai, and all the councilors of the municipality in Shastri Nagar Housing Scheme. There was a lot of enthusiasm among the bidders regarding the auction. In which 21 bidders for 15 plots got receipts on the spot by giving a security amount of Rs 50,000. Dilip Israni said that the people should participate in maximum numbers in the scheme.

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