Thursday, September, 28,2023

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‘People know about corruption’

Rajsamand: The Gehlot government is trying unsuccessfully to provide relief for three months after cutting the pockets of the people of the state for the last 4.5 years, but many leaders of the corruption-ridden government are looking for opportunities in relief as well, said BJP state president CP Joshi during his visit to Rajsamand on Wednesday.

He said that after revealing the layers of corruption, now the people of the state have understood everything. MLA Deepti Maheshwari, Surendra Singh Rathore, Virendra Singh Rathore reached to meet many BJP leaders including district president Man Singh.

Joshi said that the Congress government cut public’s pockets due to expensive electricity but has not yet given relief by reducing VAT on petrol and diesel, whereas public is not being fooled by reducing electricity bill for 3 months.

“The public will teach this government a lesson.” he said.

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