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Revenue minister asks for details of vacant land near government departments in Himachal

Land issue in Himachal: Land has been given on lease for many projects in Himachal. There are many big projects in the Ravi basin including Beas, Sutlej.

The Jairam government, which is struggling with a shortage of land, has found its way to bring the Indian government and foreign-funded projects on the ground.

The Jairam government of Himachal will now find land lying idle with government departments and government projects in the state. Revenue Minister Mahender Singh Thakur has instructed the revenue officials to give full details.

In the government departments, the education department, animal husbandry, horticulture, agriculture, sericulture, and many departments including land are lying vacant, which are not being used yet.

The Revenue Minister has sought information about all such details so that these lands can be used to help the Government of India or to set up foreign-funded projects. Because for this the government will get rid of the mess of FCA clearance.

The government of India also has many projects in Himachal Pradesh, which the state government has given land on lease. There are many big projects in the Ravi Basin including Beas, Sutlej.

Such lands are with many projects including BBMB, Coal Dam, Pong Dam, NHPC, Chamera. Bhakra-Beas Management Board's Sundanagar, Salapad, Pandoh colonies are lying vacant.

At the same time, the land lying on the banks of the Sundernagar canal from Biaggi is lying idle. In such a situation, the state government will collect the details of all these lands and demand from the Government of India. That these lands be returned to the state so that developmental projects can be put up here.

Projects are often trapped in the cycle of forest clearance, which also increases the cost of projects. Projects are not completed within the stipulated time and people get their benefits late. In such a situation, a plan has been prepared to find useless lands. It remains to be seen how much success the state government gets in this.


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