Sunday, October, 01,2023

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Jaipur: After taking a revolutionary step of enforcing the e-filing system to make State administration transparent, smooth and agile, Chief Secretary Usha Sharma has taken yet another major step on Thursday.

Issuing an order, she has directed that all employees (officials and babus) falling under the Depts & Directorates in Secretariat, & even police officials, will not be able to stay put on one post for more than three years. Only in special cases will this tenure be of five years. In the orders carrying Usha Sharma’s signatures, it has been clearly said that “officials and babus stay put in Depts, Directorates, Subordinate offices and in Secretariat for a long time in the same section or office. Due to this the state work is affected and suspicion is created on the commitment and reliability of the administration.” The order has been issued to all ACS, Principal Secretaries and Secretaries, along with DG Police, SPs, Divisional Commissioners, Collectors, HODs and all chiefs of Corporations and Boards and they have been directed to ensure order’s compliance. Administrative experts stress that this is the first time, in recent history, that the CS has issued such an order. Through this order, Usha Sharma has re-enforced the power and prestige of office of CS in administration. Along with this, she has also projected her image of being a ‘disciplined’ & ‘no-nonsense’ administrator. She is retiring on June 30, but before retiring, she has issued this order & ensured her name in ‘golden letters’ in the State’s administrative history.

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