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Indian Consulate General celebrates 6th International Day of Diplomats in Dubai

Dubai: Consulate General of India celebrated the 6th International Day of Diplomats in Dubai in the presence of members of the diplomatic community on October 24.
The idea of celebrating an International Day of Diplomats was conceived by Ambassador Abhay Kumar, who first hosted it in Brasilia in October 2017. The celebration aims to raise awareness about the vital role diplomats play, as daily peacemakers, in disbursing development aid, among others. "Consulate General of India celebrated 6th International Day of Diplomats and Diwali in the gracious presence of members of Diplomatic Community in Dubai and senior representatives from Dubai Local Authority yesterday," the Indian embassy in Dubai said in an earlier tweet.

People from various walks of life shared their appreciation for the critical role played by the diplomats of all countries in making our world a better place.
"I wish a very happy 6th International Day of Diplomats to all the diplomats and their families across the world... a country which has skilful diplomats does not have to go to war. Diplomats play crucial role in keeping our world going and that's why it is important to remember the sacrifice made by them and their families," Ambassador Abhay Kumar said on the occasion through a video message in Dubai.
He also sent a congratulatory tweet on this occasion, "Wishing all the #Diplomats around the world a very happy International Diplomats Day from #India today! Thank you for # Serving People Globally and making our planet a better place."

Speaking at an event to mark the 6th International Day of Diplomats, the Consul General of India in Dubai, Aman Puri, said, "People have very different interpretations and perceptions about diplomats. In some cases, we feel that most diplomats are wining and dining. And that is perhaps something that they do most of the time. Sometimes people also confuse diplomats with 'Double O Seven.' And they believe that we perhaps end up doing extraordinary, magical feats. But I must say that the truth lies somewhere in the middle."
He added, "Diplomats, by their serious work, try to build bridges, try to connect peoples in different countries, creating the economic connections, the cultural connections, the academic connections, and of course, supporting the people-to-people contact, which is truly the bedrock of bringing countries and governments closer to each other."
Congress MP Shashi Tharoor also put a tweet saying, "In the busy-ness of Diwali I forgot #International Diplomats Day. Belated good wishes to our diplomats on the front lines across the globe, carrying India's message to the world." (ANI)

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