Friday, August, 12,2022

Sikh minority in Afghanistan continues to face attacks by Islamic terrorists

Kabul: The recent attack at Gurdwara Karte Parwan in the capital city of Afghanistan once again showed how the minority Sikh community in the country remains a soft target for terrorists.

At least two people were killed in what is the latest in a line of targeted attacks on minorities in Islamic Afghanistan. An explosive-laden vehicle detonated just a few metres away from the temple gates. Had it passed the barrier, the damage and casualties would have been exponentially greater.
The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has called for the protection of all minorities in Afghanistan, including Sikhs, Hazaras and Sufis. The attacks however persist.

In addition to receiving widespread international criticism, the Taliban was also asked by several countries including India-- home to the Sikhs --- to assertively act towards the protection of minorities.
India called the attack on the Gurdwara in Kabul a "cowardly" act.
The Taliban, which rose to power in August 2021 claims to have secured the country but repeated terrorist attacks not only contradict those claims but also give weight to the international community's concerns of a potential risk of militancy resurgence.

Observers believe that such attacks could set off a new wave of terrorism in the country with smaller groups receiving tacit support from insiders.
And this they believe, has been the primary reason behind the US and the West not involving themselves in rebuilding the war-torn country. Also, the United States has not released Afghan funds frozen by it earlier this year, fearing its use by the Taliban to fund terror activities.

The Taliban, however, say that they can still fight all forms of attacks on its sovereignty and its people. The international community does not think so.
Prior to the Taliban's takeover last year, Hindus and Sikhs in Afghanistan numbered only approximately 600. Reports indicate that that number has dramatically decreased.

Those remaining have been the subject of targeted attacks predominantly by Sunni radical groups.
The targeted attacks have driven Sikhs and Hindus out of the country, especially those with the economic and social resources to relocate. (ANI)

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