Saturday, June, 03,2023

Ajmer Sharif dargah head calls on religious leaders to raise voice against communalism


Jaipur: Spiritual head of Ajmer Dargah Zainul Abedin Ali Khan on Saturday called upon religious leaders of all faiths to come together to fight against communalism in the country.
At a ceremony held as part of the ongoing Urs, Khan addressed the heads of various dargahs of the country and said: "I humbly urge all the religious leaders of different faiths to join hands in extinguishing the fire of extremism from the young minds of our country.
he asked them to come together "irrespective of caste, creed, race, and religion."
"Good values create good minds which ultimately lead to a better atmosphere, peace, and happiness," he said, citing Prophet Mohammed.

"The most highlighted topic of Islam is peace. One who has pure deeds and intentions will find an easy way to enter heaven. The importance of peace has been an important part of Islam," he said.
He said Sufism has narrated the essence of Islam and has been a flag bearer of peace.
Khan said that dargahs are visited by people of all religions, and called the practice a "living example of harmony in diversity."

"Khwaja Sahab of Ajmer-e-Sharif always paved the way for peace by his preaching and today his holy shrine witnesses the highest number of believers from every religion," he said.

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