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Committee suggests to send voter list to BCR after ‘One Bar, One Vote’ result

Jaipur: In the annual elections of the Rajasthan High Court Bar Association, the committee constituted to decide the framework for the implementation of the orders of the Supreme Court and the Bar Council of Rajasthan on other issues, including ‘One Bar, One Vote’ has submitted its detailed report to the Bar Association. The committee comprising five former bar presidents Kamalakar Sharma, Lokesh Sharma, RP Singh, RB Mathur and Madhav Mitra have spoken of strict compliance of the orders of the Supreme Court and BCR. The report suggested that a lawyer, who voted for the second time would neither be able to contest elections nor cast his vote in the High Court Bar. Every member shall give an affidavit in this regard at least two days before the voter list is finalised. If this affidavit is found to be false, then his membership will automatically be cancelled for three years and the election committee should consider sending the case to BCR for disciplinary action and action under IPC.

The committee also suggested that this affidavit would be given once and if any lawyer wanted to shift for the second time, then he would give an application to the association, and the executive would decide. Affidavit once given cannot be withdrawn before three annual elections. After the election, the committee sends the voter list to BCR within seven days of the result. Advance notice of the next year’s election should be announced before the election result of the current year. If the executive is unable to hold elections within a year, then the committee of three former presidents should ensure to hold elections at the earliest. Also, no office bearer and member should hold office for more than two consecutive terms. Apart from this, 15 yrs of experience is necessary for the post of Prez.

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