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Rajasthan: When will Rahul Gandhi, CM Ashok Gehlot break silence on Robert Vadra land grab, asks BJP's Satish Poonia

Jaipur: Rajasthan BJP Chief Satish Poonia on Thursday asked when will Rahul Gandhi and Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot break their silence on the Robert Vadra "episode" and "tell the farmers when they will get their land".
A tweet from Satish Poonia's office read, "My question to Rahul Gandhi ji is that when will he break his silence on the matter of land grabbing of farmers, when will Robert Vadra ji get those lands back to the farmers - @DrSatishPooniag". "Congress ruled for 55 years by loot and corruption not only in the state but across the country. The Congress party took away land from farmers in Rajasthan and gave it away to Robert through illegal ways," Satish Poonia said.
After addressing a huge general meeting of Jan AakroshYatra at Khetri, Jhunjhunu in Rajasthan on Wednesday, Satish tweeted, "By auctioning the lands of more than 18,000 farmers, the Congress government of Rajasthan has reached the pinnacle of its disobedience, now in 2023, this anger of the peasant leadership will be the reason for the downfall of the Congress from Rajasthan".
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday called the Gandhi family a "Kattar Papi Parivar" of India while accusing their son-in-law Robert Vadra of land grabbing in Rajasthan.
Addressing a press conference on Tuesday, BJP leader Gaurav Bhatia claimed that the Congress government in Rajasthan between 2008-13, grabbed 125 bighas of land from farmers.
Accusing the Gandhi family of being embroiled in corruption and helping Robert Vadra in grabbing land from farmers in Rajasthan, Bhatia used the phrase "Kattar Papi Parivar", which would mean a "hardcore corrupt family."
"There is a 'Kattar Papi Parivar' in India. Their work is to grab the land of farmers and hand it over to their son-in-law Robert Vadra. During the Congress government in Rajasthan from 2008-13, 125 bighas of land were bought from farmers and allotted to two people Hariram and Natharam," said Bhatia on Tuesday. (ANI)

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