Monday, October, 03,2022

When will pay anomalies be redressed?

Jaipur: The Ashok Gehlot led Cong Govt may be in a “feel good” mood by reviving old pension scheme (OPS) for government employees, but a different kind of disappointment is building among govt employees due to repeated extension of tenure of committees formed for the removal of anomalies in pay. The State Govt has extended the tenure of Khemraj Committee for the third time.

Former CM Vasundhara Raje led BJP govt had formed the Pay Anomaly Redressal Committee on Nov 3, 2017. The committee was chaired by former CS DC Samant. Tenure of Samant Committee was extended four times on May 8, 2018, August 8, 2018, December 31, 2018 and July 4, 2019. The committee gave its report on August 5, 2019. However, report was not made public. After Samant, another committee headed by IAS officer Khemraj was constituted on August 5, 2021. Its tenure was extended for 3 months on Nov 1, 2021. Then on Feb 3, 2022, it was extended for 6 months and now on August 5 the tenure extended till Dec 31, 2022. Repeated extension of tenure before election is creating impression that state govt is lingering on the issue.

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