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Aamir Khan’s pet project, Laal Singh C h a d d h a , hits the theatres today, August 11. It is an official Hindi adaptation of Tom Hanks’ Forrest Gump. It’s not just the pace which is the trouble. It is also, centrally and crucially, Sardar Laal Singh Chaddha himself. For the most part, director Advait Chandan’s Laal Singh Chaddha remains faithful to the original material. But Amir Khan’s performance is utterly heartbreaking. The method actor who m a d e method acting common parlance now resorts to grunts and more grunts in his reinterpretation of Forrest Gump, a role synonymous with Tom Hanks from the film of the same name.

The official Hindi adaptation of this Hollywood classic, Laal Singh Chaddha, much like that iconic buoying white feather, common in both films, floats but each time it lands at Aamir’s shoes, is simply trampled upon. Kareena’s Rupa, adapted from Robin Wright’s Jenny in the original, was perhaps the starkest. Interwoven with a tryst with physical abuse she witnessed being meted out to her mother as a child, it is not a bad trope. And Kareena, with her effortless performance, emerges looking better than Aamir. The best way to understand how horribly wrong Aamir went with his overthe-top acting is to look at Naga Chaitanya’s Bala, an Army recruit. Chay lives his character and His sincerity and director’s vision show in every scene.

Perhaps if Aamir had surrounded himself with lesser actors, his performance would have looked better in comparison. Perhaps if the makers hadn’t really called it the official Hindi adaptation of Forrest Gump, and just another movie like Salman Khan’s Bharat - which, by the way, is very Forrest Gumplike - Laal Singh Chaddha would have appealed more.

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