Friday, June, 02,2023

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The hand-knotted carpet, woven inch by inch and the hand-tufted carpet, crafted with care and technique are in high demand.

Crafted using some of the finest materials sourced from various parts of the world and in India, including fine botanical silk and wool from New Zealand, handmade carpets by Hands last for generations!

City First spoke to a young entrepreneur, Arushi Jain hailing from New Delhi, who with her family produces handwoven carpets.

Arushi recalls, “I was always very creative and wanted to enhance my family business in a unique way. But there was very little room to grow there.

I borrowed 5,000 from my father and started with two looms and nine weavers in my house.” Arushi soon realised that there was a huge demand for carpet exports.

So she began working as a contractor for rugs, which she continued to do with the support of her elder brother. Later she started with her own page on Instagram and other social media platforms and started to sell online.

Arushi said, "I was startled to see the response, coming from the young generation. Newlywed couples, girls, women, showed so much interest in home decor, handmade carpets were their first preference.

Later even stores started to reach out to us."

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