Friday, March, 24,2023

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Fashion as fascinating as SNOWFLAKES

Snow is a magical blanket, it hides what's ugly and makes everything beautiful. And for sure fashion shows in the season of crystalline water enhances the fashion. Snowflakes are captivating, and all of us love to stare at, it is rightly said that snow makes our skin glow. And all fashion shows must always go on even when it snows. There is always someone who is willing to risk frostbite to make a fashion statement in a mini skirt or bare skin. What trend do you fall into? See the best fashion-style looks in the snow below.

Snow boots, unlike other types of boots, can come with a lot of fancysounding technology that might be difficult to understand. With that in mind, Marie Claire editors offered their winter boot suggestions with me, and I looked through seemingly limitless possibilities to locate the snow boots that work best for you, no matter what your needs are. So, whether you're looking for a fashionable pair of ankle boots that can be worn to the office or on your snowy morning commute, or a high performance pair of snow boots that can keep your toes toasty when temps drop into the teens, this list has you covered. When you see turtleneck sweaters on the clothes racks, you know it's getting cold outside. Sure, the thick, woolly turtleneck is a distinct style in its own right, but for everyday wear, companies have modernised the silhouette into socalled tissue turtlenecks, changing the classic into an attractive, skin-skimming garment that can be as stylish as it is utilitarian. Take a look at our recommendations for the coolest turtlenecks to wear this winter. More than only for warmth, beanie caps are popular as an item that adds a charming touch to the wearer. In terms of fashion, the options accessible online are limitless.


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