Nikitaa, a Mumbaibased singer released four singles in collaboration with Nikhil D'Souza Universe, Goddess, Clutch, and Tum Aur Main and sang for the Netflix film "Masaba Masaba." In 2021, she released four singles: Wolf and Boomerang, featuring American rap-duo Flyana Boss and Farewell, and last but not the least, DITK, recently she released Bad Trip LoFi in collab with Amaal Mallik.

Give some insights for Bad Trip LoFi.
Bad Trip LoFi is an ethereal and airier take on the original and honestly, they are both so good it becomes hard to pick. I’m just thrilled because initially, it was hard for me to imagine this song as LoFi but of course with Amaal involved it turned out as stunning as it did!

How was your experience with Amaal Mallik?
The process of working with him was very easeful and synergistic. His ear for the smallest detail is next level. And he carries himself with humility and absolute dedication to the work. He’s also actually hilarious, which is something I discovered throughout the first couple of phone calls we exchanged for this release - a master of impressions. He’s one of those people that has maintained a deep sense of integrity and honesty throughout his many successes, which is deeply commendable.

Describe your creative process for your songs.
My creative process changes with each song! Sometimes I come up with a vocal melody, sometimes I write down a short clever lyric I thought of or a concept and come back to it in a session. Other times we start with an instrument or production. I try not to put limitations on my process. The magic happens when you least expect it to!

How did you think of the LoFi version for Bad Trip as even the original audio was loved by fans?
The LoFi version was entirely Amaal’s idea! He had a vision for this song, and wanted to get involved after it had come out, which in itself is such a statement: for a big label-associated and welle s t a b l i s h e d artist to want to collaborate with indie artists like me. And so Bad Trip LoFi was born! My jaw dropped when I heard the final version, to be honest. This was all Amaal’s doing, and I’m so thankful for him.

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